Expositie “My protagonists” van Barbara Ilse in het Theehuis

In this exhibition, the Peruvian-German artist Barbara Ilse shows four different series of her work: Protagonista, Enlunada, Naylamp and BEEings. All of them are related to an intensive, autobiographical exploration of the (Women-)Self and socio-cultural reality.
In her work you may find symbols of fecundity, feminine life, cross-fertility and co-living. Vivid traces and colorful surfaces overlap and expose subtle protagonists of our cosmos. They tell stories about identity, environment and culture.

Born and raised in Lima, Peru in 1985, Barbara Ilse Petzold Horna began her artistic pursuit since an early age from childhood onwards. In 2004 she moved to Germany in order to study at the University of Bonn and graduated with an M.A. in 2011 in Cultural Anthropology, Political Science and Hispano-American Philology. Since then, Barbara has continually been evolving as a plastic artist, anthropologist and teacher. She conceived the concept “ARThopology” which connects cultures and the plastic arts, revaluing the interdependencies and tensions between origins, disciplines, spaces and bodies as something nurturing and enriching.

Barbara Petzold Horna has exposed her artistic work in different galleries and cultural spaces, including the Imhoff chocolate museum in Cologne, one of the most visited museums in Germany. In addition, she worked as a teacher at the University of Bonn, and offers various workshops as well as she is developing cultural and curatorial projects. She currently resides in Utrecht, Netherlands.


Voor meer info: http://www.barbarailse.com/ of barbarailse@gmail.com

Deze expositie hangt tot medio februari in het Theehuis.

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